Monday, August 23, 2010

Derail the Wilmington Multi-Modal Center Now

A bad idea ultimately costing taxpayers millions

Ahhhh....the multi-modal center. A tantalizing mix of city buses, taxis and trains to nowhere, all in one magical location. We thought it had gone away, but now it has reared its ugly head again. What is the multi-modal center really? A perfect example of the massive government waste that has put our city, our county, our state and our nation in the dire financial straights we find ourselves in today.

Thousands have already been wasted on studies. It will cost tens of millions dollars to build, and in the end, taxpayers will be left holding the bag paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and yearly maintenance cost.

City Councilwoman Laura Padgett is quoted as saying “We need this.” “We” need this? She says we need it “to get those synergies.” “Synergies” of what? A bunch of taxis and city buses all in the same parking lot? Apparently “synergy” in the government speak means “a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars.” If that's the case, maybe we need a little less synergy and a little more common sense.

Here's the bill of goods supporters are trying to sell us:
1) That people riding a bus are going to go to this multi-modal center, get off the bus, and then take a taxi some place else in the city(that also has bus service!)
2) That the person in a taxi, rather than going from point A to point B like a
taxi is suppose to, is going to choose instead to be dropped off at the multi modal center, so they can then take a bus to bus stop, and then walk the rest of the way to their destination.
3) And finally, if you think #1 & #2 are going to happen, then you also must believe that all the people riding in the buses and taxis are going to be lining up to take the train out of town.
You’re right. None of these scenarios make any sense, but that’s the logic behind the need for the multi modal center.

Oh yeah, and bringing a train into downtown Wilmington. That sounds like a great idea, too!

Keep in mind these are the same folks that approved an expenditure of $40,000 for a single piece of artwork for the new WAVE Transit Station behind Costco. They simply don’t have the best interest of the taxpayer in mind.

This boondoggle will ultimately be another tax burden on the citizens of Wilmington and New Hanover County. There are only a few people driving this project, but if we don’t take time to stand up and say enough is enough, it will be built.

Below are some of our local elected officials that serve on the Transportation Advisory Committees. Take a moment now to email and tell them this multi-modal hub is a massive waste of taxpayer dollars and to please stop this project now. Contact your state legislators as well.

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