Sunday, April 8, 2012

Star News Omits Coverage of Easter

I subscribe to the Star News solely because my wife wants the coupons from the Sunday paper. They’ll deliver it to my house 7 days a week cheaper than I can go get the Sunday paper. Seldom do I ever read it. To be honest I feel a bit guilty tossing the other six days of the weeks straight in the trash without reading them.   

Today, Easter Sunday, I decided to actually look at the content to see what kind of interesting articles about Easter might be in there. Easter, one of the most important Christian holidays of the year, and there was not even a mention of it in the Star News on Easter Sunday. Not even a peep.

I did a search of the website to make sure I wasn’t missing anything in today’s publication and got the same results. Nothing.  Matter of fact the Star News had very little about Easter at all other than some token mentions early in the week.

Is it their job to cover Christians’ celebration of Easter? Of course not. Did I think I would find articles about Easter in the Easter Sunday paper? I must admit that I did. What was I thinking, right?

The fact that I have a subscription to the Star News should bother me for a number for reasons. One reason would be concern for the environment and the precious trees, energy and water that are consumed to print a paper I don’t even read. And more importantly, why do I have a subscription to a paper that intentionally omits any significant coverage of one of the most important Christian holidays of the year?

Just another example of how out of touch the Star News is with many of the very people they are trying to sell their papers to. And they wonder why they have to beg people to take free subscriptions in local drug stores just to keep their subscription numbers up…